Completed mat

Photo 1 - Pull the loops off the end pegs.

Securing the Last Loop

  1. When you reach the edge of the mat, attach a single loop of plarn to the last loop to form a tail that is at least 8" to 10" long.
  2. Weave this tail under the last threads down the side of the mat until it disappears. Photo 5
  3. It is sometimes easier if you use a very large crochet hook to weave and pull the tail through the loops. People with smaller fingers often find it easier to just do it with their fingers.
  4. Do the same procedure to the other end of the mat.
  5. It is easier if your pull the weft tails along one side of the mat and the end loop tails along the other side. 
  6. This locks all the pieces of plarn together so the mat will not unravel. 
  7. Congratulation, you are finished.

Photo 4 - Pull the 3rd loop though the 2nd loop.

Step 4 - Completing the Mat

Photo 5 - Weaving the tail down the side.

Once you have finished weaving the weft, it is time to complete the outside edge and secure the mat from unraveling.

  1. Pull the rods out of the sides of the frame.
  2. Lift the loops from the pegs on both ends of the frame. Photo 1 & 2
  3. Then you will finger crochet the end loops.
  4. Start on any corner, hold the 1st loop and pull the 2nd loop through the 1st loop. Photo 3
  5. Then take the 3rd loop and pull it through the 2nd loop. Photo 4
  6. Then take the 4th loop and pull it through the 3rd loop
  7. Continue to take the next loop and pull it through the previous loop until you have crocheted all the way along the bottom.
  8. When you reach the end, add another plarn loop to the last loop and pull this tail through the weft loops down the side. 

Photo 3 - Pull the 2nd loop through the first loop.

Photo 2 - The mat is released from the frame.

How We Make Our "Plarn" Sleeping Mats