How We Make Our "Plarn" Sleeping Mats

You can start the weft at either end you desire.

  1. Start with 2 bags looped together and loop one end around the first warp thread and the rod about 2 inches (5 cm) from the eye bolt.
  2. Start your weave by threading the end over the adjacent thread and other the next. Continue this over and under weaving to the other side.
  3. Keep the weaving snug, but not tight as this will distend your mat. The loom will hold everything in place until you are complete, at which time, everything will be held together
  4. When you reach the other side, wrap the weft around the last thread, including the rod, then proceed with the over under pattern to the other side of the loom. This row should stagger with the row above.
  5. Continue this to the end of the loom.
  6. If you use a different color plarn for the weft than the warp, it is easier to see what you are doing and not make as many mistakes.
  7. When you reach the end of the mat, tie it off around the last Warp thread,
  8. Then thread the tail through the Weft loops back down the side of the mat until it disappears. You may need to add an additional plarn loop to make the tail long enough.
  9. We often apply a dab of glue to the end of the tail so it doesn't pop out.
  10. It is often easier to thread the weft tail down the side by pulling it with a very large crochet hook.

When we have several volunteers, we will have people start at each end of the loom weaving toward the center. This can create some challenges when both meet in the middle, but these are not hard to work out once you encounter them.

Step 3 - Weaving the Weft