To string the warp,

  1. You first need a ball of plarn about 12" (30 cm) in diameter, or approximately the size of a basket ball.
  2. Start at one corner of the loom, looping the first loop of the plarn around the corner eye bolt, 
  3. String the plarn to the other end of the loom and loop in around the other eye bolt.
  4. Return to the first end and loop the plarn around the first peg.
  5. Continue to loop the plarn from end to end around each consecutive peg.
  6. When you wrap around the last peg, continue to the other end of the loom and loop the plarn around the eye bolt, return and wrap around the other eye bolt, then tie it off to the closest knot.
  7. The tail left at this end of the warp will later be woven in with the weft so it will not unravel.
  8. The plarn should be taut, but not stretched too tight.
  9. If your ball is not long enough, just add enough more plarn pieces as you go to fill up the loom.

The warp has been strung and the weft started.

How We Make Our "Plarn" Sleeping Mats

Warp is completed ready for the weft.

Step 2 - Stringing the Warp

Close up of warp on the pegs.