Lacing a Belt or Strap


Soda can pull-tabs - approximately 3.5 tabs per inch. They should be rinsed before using.

Two (2) flexible 1/4''- 3/8'' cloth ribbons - approximate amounts:

  • Belt - double the length of the belt plus 14'' extra on each end for ties, 2 each.
  • 30'' belt = 60"+ 28" = 88" x 2 ea = 179" of cord or ribbon + 105 tabs
  • Bracelet - double the length of the belt plus 6'' extra on each end for ties, 2 each.
  • 6'' bracelet = 12"+ 12" = 24" x 2 ea = 48" of cord or ribbon + 21 tabs

Lay the ribbons next to each other and tie a knot 14" from one end. Hold this end under your thigh, tie it to a chair arm, or lay a book on it while you work.

Stack 3 tabs on top of each other so the holes line up. The bottom tab should have the shiny side up, the middle tab should have the shiny side down and the top tab has the shiny side up.

Lace one ribbon from the long end of the ribbon through the top full moon hole through all 3 tabs and the other end of the ribbon through the half moon hole on the bottom, through all 3 tabs, pulling the knot tight against the top tab.

Unfold the bottom tab to the right so it sits beside the middle tab and slide the top tap halfway to the right so that it straddles the 2 bottom tabs. You should now have 2 rows

of tabs, a top row with 1 tab and a bottom row with 2 tabs and the rolled edges facing in and the shiny sides facing out.

Lace each ribbon back up through the right side of the top tab.

Place the 4th tab next to the top tab, full moon hole and shiny side up and lace each ribbon down through the left side of the holes on the 4th tab and through the right

side of the 3rd tab below.

Place the 5th tab next to the 3rd tab on the bottom row, full moon hole up and shiny

side down. Lace each ribbon up through the left side of 5th tab and through the right

side of the holes in the 4th tab.

Continue this pattern with each additional tabs, one to the top row and one on the

bottom row until the desired length is achieved.

Finish it off by tying the ribbons together with a know where they come through the last holes.

Cut off the ends of the ribbons, about 14" long, so each end is the same length. If you tie a single knot in the end of all the ribbons it will keep them from un-fraying.

When using thin cord, crisscross the cord lacing from the full moon hole on the top to the half moon hole on the bottom.

Decorative and functional belts or bracelets can be made out of the pull-tabs from empty soda cans.

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Soda Can Tab Belt or Bracelet