Lifting Hands International was started by Hayley Smith from Mesa Arizona. She was concerned about the plight of refugees around the world, having been a volunteer in Greece and seeing it first hand. Lifting Hands is the local entity in the United States that collects, sorts, and packages goods destined for the camps.

They have partnered with Helping Hands International, a large, multi-national organization who handles most of the transportation and distribution of the goods.

Their goods have traveled all over the Middle East, including Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Bangladesh, and Greece. We are proud to be associated with such wonderful people.

In September, 2016, Rocky Mountain Recycling, generously began offer their trucks to transport donated goods to areas in the Intermountain West where it is needed. Their trucks regularly travel the State every day, often with partial loads. These empty spaces are now being filled with much needed goods. Currently they are shipping to Southern Utah every week to help the displaced polygamous families. 

We appreciate so much their willingness to serve for 2 years to help with this tremendous need.

Workforce Services provides relief, succor, and education to these families who have been displaced. The choice to leave their communities is usually because of financial hardship and betrayal by those leaders to whom they put their trust. It is not a decision they can make publicly. It has to be done in secrecy or they would not be allowed to leave. Because of this, most of them leave with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs. 

Workforce Services works with the Utah State Attorney General's office to coordinate relocation, clothes, food, and education to help them get back on their own and provide for their families. Launfal specifically collects or makes clothing, bedding, or other household goods to enable these struggling families to set up a home for their children.

Launfal also works with Workforce Services to provide similar help to young men who have been banished from the polygamous communities. They have little or no formal education, resources, or even a place to sleep. With out support and encouragement, they often end up as homeless beggars or worse yet, prostitutes working the streets of Las Vegas to survive.

The Launfal Foundation has backed out of this effort and has been replaced by Cherished Families. Over course of the 5-6 years of serving these communities, thousands and thousands of people in hundreds and hundreds of families have received the commodities they needed to start their lives anew.

The Launfal Foundation will continue to serve the people with Scholarships and grants for education. 

Other Charitable Organizations Who Have Partnered with The Launfal Foundation

Safety Net was recently absorbed into the Department of Workforce Services to provide the services needed to help refugees from polygamous communities integrate back into society. These services include; housing, clothing, employment, food stamps, and other essential assistance.

Launfal is one of the major partners in helping to provide clothing, bedding, and other household goods for these desparate families starting over and trying to maintain their independence and self-reliance.

Charity Anywhere Foundation was begun by a group of dentists to improve dental health and hygiene in impoverished areas. Over the past 20 plus years, the program has grown to include medical and nutritional health as well as construction projects as needed. They have built and supplied medical facilities, as well as, providing millions of dollars in donated medical and dental services to villages from Mexico to Peru.

The Launfal Foundation is proud to have been able to work with Charity Anywhere and  these generous doctors providing relief throughout Central and South America.

One of the oldest partnerships Launfal has enjoyed has been with Operation Give. It was started during the second Gulf War in Iraq. Paul Holton was an interrogator in the U.S. Military. He determined that many of the questionable interrogation techniques being used were not producing the results needed to identify and apprehend war criminals, as well as, corrupt officials who were committing atrocities on their own people.

He discovered that becoming a friend to the Iraqi people, showing he really cared, built a trust that gave the people enough confidence to work with him to find and remove individuals who were harmful to the Iraqi people. All good people want a community where there is peace and safety for their families.

The best way to show he cared and to actively demonstrate compassion, was to give toys to the children. He first asked his family and close friends to send toys, but as soon as the word got out about the program, he was flooded with toys and gifts to share. Hence, Operation Give was born.

In its 14th year, Operation Give continues to provide toys, relief, and education for our service men to share with people where ever they are stationed in the world. These gifts allows us to work with, protect, and motivate the citizens to take control of their own destiny. 

For more information, go to Operation Give's web site.

Big Ocean Women was founded to help women around the world band together and empower themselves to achieve their potential. Their web page states:

Who are Big Ocean Women?

We are a vast ocean of empowered women who use their feminine and maternal gifts to stand for faith, family, and motherhood. As an international and interfaith network, we work to safeguard the natural family, protect children, and preserve human life.

What do Big Ocean Women do?

  • We meet regularly in local groups called “Cottages” to discuss our tenets and to become informed of world attitudes and events related to these tenets.
  • We become articulate, confident, and prepared to share our understanding with others.
  • We stand together to support policies that strengthen the family and preserve human life.
  • We give relief to those in need through service.

You can read more of their tenets and beliefs here. 

Watch Carolina Allen explain the revelation that created Big Ocean Women

Launfal presented with Big Ocean Women at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, March, 2016. Our emphasis on service and proven humanitarian projects provides Big Ocean Women Cottages with limitless ideas for service in their own communities or world-wide if they choose.