While visiting with the Mission Delegation from South Sudan at the United Nations, they expressed an interest in having projects to keep the thousands and thousands of orphans occupied. Making mats was a suggested activity because,

1) They have plastic bags,

2) It can be done without electricity,

3) It actually creates a useful product that can be used or even sold for a cottage industry.

My searches uncovered many Churches and Humanitarian organizations across the United States that are already making these types of mats. They are easy to learn and easy to do. All they require is a pair of scissors or knife, a crochet hook, and lots of bags.

Here are the best videos I found that explain the process that others are doing. Everyone has needs and resources that are different. There is not one right way to make plarn mats.

Launfal has chosen to weave our mats because it reduces the time from 40 hours to crochet to about 4 hours to weave one mat. Just today, 2 experienced women completed 2 mats in 3 hours.

You need to decide what your resources and your market are then choose the best option for your organization.

Video #3 - Making "Plarn" and crocheting the mats - Community Action of Southern Kentucky's RSVP

How Others Make "Plarn" Sleeping Mats

Sleeping mats made from plastic grocery and milk bags

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