14. Thread one of the loose yarns  through a needle and sew it to the top of the doll. Tie both yarns together in a double knot. Trim the ends.

Making the Hair and Attaching the Wig

9. Cut the last piece of yarn in half. These two pieces of yarn will be used to tie the ends of the braids.

10. Braid each pony tail to the bottom of the arm. Tie the braids tightly and securely. Trim the ends so they are even. Leave them as long as possible.

11. Choose two colors of yarn to match the clothes. They should be around 9” long. These yarns are used for the bows. Each braid will a two strands of yarn, each a different color. Tie the bows and then knot the bows to secure them.

We will soon be adding a video showing how to make and attached the wigs.

2. Starting at one end of the binder/cardboard, wrap the yarn 75 times around it. Take the first yarn that you wrapped and slip it under all of the strands and tie a bow knot or a lark's head, tight enough to hold but loose enough to undo. On the other end cut through all of the yarn.

The hair will have much more interest if you mix 2 or 3 colors together. You could use a light, medium, and dark shades of the same color or use 3 different complementary colors. You can wrap all three colors at the same time, but you only need to do 25 wraps for 3 colors or 37 wraps if you use 2 colors for a total of 75 strands.

Some yarns are lighter weight and others are heavier. With some practice, you will be able to tell if you need to use more or less wraps with your yard so that the wig is full and beautiful.

13. Take the first two yarns at the bottom of the weaving and bring them up and around the woven yarns. Tie a half knot. As you tighten the knot, slide the loops off of the fork. When it is off of the fork pull the knot as tight as possible and tie a double knot. Fluff the loops to make a pom pom.

3. Take the strands of yarn and slide the tying yarn about an inch from the center. Using a small stitch on the sewing machine sew across the center of all of the strands of yarn twice, backstitching when you start and end. Bunch the yarns up tightly as you sew.

1. The hair ties are approximately 24” long. The easiest way to make the ties is to wrap the yarn around a 12” long piece of cardboard or around a 3-ring binder. Before wrapping the hair you will need to cut the yarn that ! will be used to sew the hair and tie the braids. To do this, wrap the yarn around the binder or cardboard 4 times and cut it. Fold it in half a couple of times and set it aside.

6. Smooth out the yarn using a plastic fork as a comb. At the position of the ears, tie the loose yarns around the yarn to make pony tails. Use square knots tied tightly, but not so tight as to wrinkle the face. 

7. The remaining yarn should still be threaded through the needle. Tie a knot in the long end. This yarn will be used to sew the part and secure the hair to the head.

8. Starting at either the back or the front, stitch through the hair a little to the side to hide the knot. Bring the needle up through the sewing machine stitching. Sew the entire length of the part using a backstitch or a stem stitch. Be sure to cover the sewing machine stitch with your hand stitching. When you reach the end, bring the needle up to the outside and thread it down through one of the pony tails, cutting the yarn at the bottom of the pony tail.

Dress and decorate your doll to personalize her

Now you can mix and match colors, styles, and outfits to make beautiful dolls. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

We would encourage you to use these dolls for humanitarian relief. There are so many girls world-wide that have never had a doll to hold, love, or care for.

Having a doll of their own helps them to develop the virtues of nurturing and compassion, traits that are essential in becoming a wife, a mother, and a woman.

12. Bangs are optional. To make the pom pom take a piece of yarn and center it on a fork so that both ends reach the bottom of the fork. Take another piece of yarn and weave it in and out of the fork tines until your are about 3/4” from the top of the fork

How to Make This Cute Doll

4. Take the loose yarn and thread it through a needle. Take a stitch about a 1/4” wide about where the ear would be.  Pull the yarn through and pull it until the loose end reaches the bottom of the leg. Line the other side of the yarn up with the loose end and cut it even with the other yarn. Do this on both sides of the head. You could line the stitches up with the bottom of the eye to keep the sides even.

5. Pin the sewing machine thread onto the head where you want the part to be. Stretch the sewing machine stitches if needed.