Humanitarian Projects

While others talk; we find it, make it, and deliver it. 


In spite of all the donated goods and services we receive, there are still hard costs that require money to purchase.

  • Any money donated goes directly to the need you specify.
  • There are no overhead or operating costs. 

Areas you can donate money include:

Materials and supplies

  • Fabric, thread, and notions
  • Quilt Batting
  • Yarn,
  • Beads,
  • Packing supplies,
  • Mileage reimbursement


  • Because of the urgent need for food supplies, we are organizing bulk purchases and capitalizing on sales events.
  • This requires cash to purchase the food when it is available.


  • Many of these displaced refugees from the FLDS Communities have never attended public schools or graduated with any degrees.
  • The Launfal Foundation has set up a scholarship at Mojave Community College in Colorado City, Arizona, to pay for tuition and fees for refugees to attend the required classes and pass the GED test.
  • Any money donated goes directly to the College who will apply every dollar donated to the GED tuition and fees.
  • There is no overhead or other costs.
  • This will allow people to earn the basic GED Certificate they need to obtain decent jobs and support their families. 
  • As the need arises, these scholarship funds will also be used for Technical Training, Mechanical Training, as well as Higher Education.
  • This will increase the capacity of the refugees to care for their families and eventually give back to the communities and help others like themselves.

For you convenience, you can mail your check directly to The Launfal Foundation at the mailing address below:

  • Checks should be made out to:

  • On the "FOR" line add your area of interest, such as:
             "MATERIALS & SUPPLIES"
             "FOOD FOR REFUGEES"

Mailing address:
Launfal Foundation

3074 North 250 West 
Lehi, Utah 84043


Once the new foundation is in place, the information for monetary

donations will be updated.

Donations are the life blood of the Launfal Foundations. Here we have no paid staff and no government funding; everyone is a volunteer. That is right, of the hundreds and hundreds of people who produce goods, transport them, or deliver the goods every week, no one is paid for their efforts.

The Launfal Foundation has only a small budget from donated money and boutique sales that pays the hard costs of fabric, yarn, beads, packing supplies, and mileage reimbursement, (when a volunteer turns in the receipt.) Everything else, time, money, and supplies, is donated.

Anyone who is willing can donate in any of the 3 areas below:

Donations enable us to continue this work.


Donated goods can be personal donations or organization drives. We can use any of the following items:

Clothing for men, women, and children

  • Shirts and blouses, long sleeve preferred
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Underwear
  • Coats and Jackets
  • All clothes should be clean and serviceable.

Toys and educational supplies:

  • Books for all ages, especially children
  • Non-electronic games
  • Toys for boys and girls
  • Dolls

All donation should be delivered to the Center on Wednesday mornings before 11:00 am to allow time for processing and delivery.

12 pallets of goods and a futon bed ready for shipping.


Anyone with a few hours per week invited to participate with us in creating or collecting items used to provide relief and sustenance.

Ways to donate your time include:

Serve at the Launfal Center ever Wednesday from 9-12 am

  • Make beaded geckos
  • Make dolls
  • Cut out school bags, cloth diapers or feminine hygiene kits.
  • Sew school bags, cloth diapers or feminine hygiene kits
  • Assemble quilt faces, backs, and batting
  • Tie quilts
  • Color pages for juvenile activity books
  • Cut and assemble colored foam shapes
  • Knit new-born caps and booties
  • Make baby rattles
  • Sort and box donated clothing
  • Pack trucks with donated supplies and deliver to transportation warehouse

Work from home:

  • In addition to working at the Center, most of these activities can be done individually at home or with an organized group of men , women or youth.

  • Contact us for more information as how to best organize your group and what would be appropriate for you to accomplish.

Bring your group to serve:

  • We also have groups that come to the Center to volunteer their time. Please us contact ahead of time so we can arrange an appropriate activity for your helpers.

American Fork East Stake Center,
835 East 500 North
American Fork, Utah  84003