Humanitarian Projects

While others talk; we find it, make it, and deliver it. 

ABC Books

Download the blank, uncolored pages for your ABC books.

Always set your printer to print "actual size" or they will be the wrong size. 

Copyright 2019 by The Launfal Foundation

We make and deliver ABC Books. These are wonderful for teaching children the English alphabet. The pages are printed, colored, and cut out by volunteers. It is a great activity for anyone, children to grandparents.

Download a copy of the blank page and print what you need. Then you can color, and cut them for insertion. It is important to use permanent marking pens because the water soluble ones can bleed in humid climates.

The book covers are plastic photo album books. They are very inexpensive and work well for this project. There are 18 pockets, so we place 2 pictures, back to back, in each page so the book pages run continuously and holds a total of 36 pictures plus covers front and back. 

We purchase our covers at They generally costs less than a dollar apiece delivered, depending on quantity. They are also available at stores like Walmart.

You will need to cut the pages to 4''x 6'' to fit in the book cover. You may need to check your layout to make sure it works for you. We always have room at the end to add some additional pictures.

We cut the picture smaller than the sleeve and cut another background 4"x 6" to add more color and visual interest.