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Helping people help themselves 

At The Launfal Foundation, we are committed to helping others help themselves. We give hope through relief efforts, coupled with education. History has proven time and time again that "free aid" creates dependent victims rather than lifting people out of poverty, despair, and hardship. The best way to lift the poor is to empower them with vision and encouragement to help others around them. This gives them confidence from success and the desire to continue to improve the world they live in.

Launfal has 100's of volunteers who meet weekly or work in the privacy of their own homes to make:

  • Cloth dolls and wooden cars for children who have never had a toy to play with,
  • Personal hygiene kits so people in poverty or disasters can keep themselves free of filth and disease, 
  • Feminine hygiene kits, especially for young women in developing countries who don't understand the changes occurring in their bodies,
  • School bags with paper, pencils, rulers, erasers, and a small toy,
  • Colored styrofoam shapes; stars, diamonds, hearts, circles, triangles, and more so they can learn shapes and colors,
  • Quilts, both large and small, so families can sleep warm at night,
  • Newborn kits with cloth diapers, soap, safety pins, knitted stocking cap and booties so a child's first day on this earth is a happy one
  • And many, many more hope giving items.

We have partnered with groups such as Safety Net, Operation Give, Big Ocean Women, The Genesis Project, Charity Anywhere, Lifting Hands International, etc., to bring this relief world wide. Big Ocean has a unique mission of empowering women worldwide to organize themselves into Cottages where they can use their skills to better the communities where they live, as well as providing relief around the world. We hope Cottages will use these ideas, patterns, and videos to learn how to make gifts that can change lives.



Join us every Wednesday from 
9:00 am - 12:00 pm 
American Fork East Stake Center,
835 East 500 North
American Fork, Utah  84003

Donations should arrive by 11:00 am so we have time to process them by 12:00 pm


Here are some of our existing and previous activities bringing relief and hope to thousands and thousands of people around the world over the past 25 years.

Although we would love to help everyone, 
we are overwhelmed with the work 
we have already committed to do.

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Reviving Our School Bag Supplies Drive. 

We are reviving and emphasising our School Bag Supplies production. This will be an ongoing project along with our

other projects. We make the bags but need supplies to fill them. We need the following items:

70 page spiral bound notebooks,     Rulers – wooden or plastic,     Round tip scissors,     Pencil sharpeners
Erasers – 1 inch pink,     12 pack colored pencils,     16-25 count crayons,     Bars of soap 3-5 oz.

They can be delivered to the Launfal Foundation any Wednesday morning between 9-11:30 am. Click here for a map and directions or see below.

So, start your own cottage or group. 
Find a need,
Pick out a project that will fill the need and
Get to work.

Use our model and projects.
We will be happy to share all of that with you.

The secret to a successful humanitarian project is - WORK.

There is no substitute.

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New Changes for The Launfal Foundation

After 30 years as the heart and soul of The Launfal Foundation, RoseAnn and Dale Gunther are stepping down as the guiding inspiration. We express to them our sincerest appreciation for the work they have accomplished and the hundreds of thousands of hearts that have been touched and changed forever.  

Going forward, a new foundation is being organized to be the home of our charitable efforts. At the time, the proposed name is The Rose Garden Foundation, in honor of our beloved founder, RoseAnn Gunther. This transition should be completed before the end of this year. Michelle Ashby is the new director. 

If needed, you can contact her at801-766-6646 or